The Glassworker
When: July 2017 - March 2018
Where: Mano Animation Studios, Karachi
Role: Traditional Character Animator
“The Glassworker” or “Sheeshagar” is Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film. The work being produced by Mano Animation Studios has been recognized by Studio Ghibli, Studio Chizu, Studio Ponoc, TED, IGN, Gamespot and more.

Above: First 4 minutes of footage from 'The Glassworker'. This was released February, 2018.
My contributions to the 4 minutes:
  • 01:01 - 01:05 : Keyframed, inked and colored the rose.
  • 03:28 - 03:37 : Keyframed, inked, colored and shaded the hands.
  • 05:31 - 05:35 : Planned, keyframed, inked, colored and shaded the entire shot.
  • 05:56 - 05:58 : Planned, keyframed, inked, colored and shaded the entire shot.
  • 06:51 - 06:53 + 06:54 - 06:57 : Inked, colored and shaded the entire shot.
  • 10:11 - 10:17 : Planned, keyframed inked, colored and shaded the character in maroon.
  • 10:17 - 10:19 : Planned, keyframed inked, colored and shaded all the characters.

  • I interned at Mano in the December of 2016 and was introduced to Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation, the studio’s animation pipeline, countless learning resources and amazing mentors. I joined Mano full-time right after graduating from college in July 2017. I completed several shots for ‘The Glassworker’ and dealt with almost every stage in the animation pipeline, helping Mano to reach it’s milestone of releasing the first 4 minutes of the film and beyond.

    Notable Experiences:
    • Gained professional studio experience dealing with deadlines and revisions on a daily basis.
    • Got hands-on experience with almost all phases of the 2D animation pipeline.
    • Understood the importance of having sound knowledge of the fundamentals for any field. Consistently started studying Richard Williams and Andrew Loomis on my own time.
    • Became well-versed in the art of giving and, more importantly, seeking constructive criticism.
    • Collaborated with other creatives to produce work.
    • Successfully adhered to and improved on direction from the Director and Art Director.
    • Learned how to structure work files that are suitable for being passed on to new owners.
    • Improved immensely as an illustrator, storyteller and animator.