Joints-based, engine-ready deformation for a conventionally male torso:

Did a month-long apprenticeship with @riggingdojo to study and apply techniques for achieving realistic human deformation using joint-based systems.
All the deformation here is joints (4 inf/vtx). The delts and traps are procedurally driven by the shldrs & clavs, rest is SDKs.

— Muhammad B. Tahir (@muhammad_rigs) October 2, 2020

Spine module for custom Maya autorigging solution:

I've been setting up a character rigging pipeline for @project_stamina, currently refactoring code from rudimentary scripts I initially wrote to rig complete components of the 1st character. This is also when I (iterated like crazy to) set standards for the rigs. #rigtip #maya

— Muhammad B. Tahir (@muhammad_rigs) October 8, 2019

Cartoony limbs module for custom Maya autorigging solution:

I wrote a module for engine-ready cartoony limbs for my Autorigger. Continue reading this thread for a breakdown of the setup. Reach out if you want to discuss further and please share how you set up cartoony/stretchy limbs! #rigtip #maya #rigging #autorigger @project_stamina

— Muhammad B. Tahir (@muhammad_rigs) November 11, 2019

Joint-based facial rigging test:

I’ve been experimenting with rigging an engine-ready face. No blendshapes, only joints. I kept an eye out for processes that can be automated or made simpler & WeightPainting is defo one.
I spent barely 20 minutes modifying Maya's auto-weights on this for these results.

— Muhammad B. Tahir (@muhammad_rigs) September 8, 2019