Technical Animator
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Above: Rigging Showreel, October 2019.
Wacky Safari
Rigging, Game Design, Animation
VR game developed for the HTC Vive in a 2-week sprint designed to be an enjoyable experience for a completely naive guest.
Jeff Lebowski
Character Design, Art Fundamentals, Animation
An independent study aimed at exploring the fundamentals of character design for traditional animation.
BVW Round 3: 43 mph
Rigging, Animation, 3d Modeling
Unity game developed in a 1-week sprint employing gesture controls using the Leap Motion.
UX Design, Prototyping, User Research
A pregnancy-companion mobile application for Pakistani women.
Memory Pal
UX Design, Prototyping, User Research
Educational destop application aimed at familiarizing secondary school students to the 'Memory Palace' mnemonic device.
Bipedal Rig
Rigging, Tools
An 2-week independent study in Maya aimed at strengthening fundamental character-rigging concepts.